Our History


Our History

The Capitol Church of God was founded on January 16,1966 by Rev. Asbury R. Sellers . Rev Sellers had a vision of pastoring a church in the Washington Metropolitian area, and believed that the Lord would lead and direct him in the best course to follow. Shortly after their arrival to the area, Rev Sellers and his wife, Leola, became associated with Sister Anita Holloway of Chapel Oaks, Maryland.

Sister Holloway assisted Rev. Sellers' ministry by allowing him to conduct bible study classes in her home. Out of this home bible study, the Guiding Light Church of God was birthed. It was started with twelve faithful individuals, on the first floor of a two-story apartment building, located at 64th Avenue in Chapel Oaks, Maryland.

In October 1968, Rev. Sellers was enroute to Sunday morning service, when the Lord spoke to him regarding a blessing that was about to occur for the Guiding Light congregation. Rev. Sellers obeyed the voice of the Lord and shared this message to the congregation. A few days later, the Lord directed Rev. Sellers to St. Andrew's Church at 6076 Central Avenue, Capitol Heights, Maryland. As Rev. Sellers arrived on the property, the Lord spoke to him again that the church was the blessing for the Guiding Light. In January 1969, the congregation had their dedication services in the new building, and the name of the church was changed to the Central Avenue Church of God.

In September 1974, Rev. Sellers and first lady Sister Leola Sellers accepted the pastorate in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The late Rev. Herbert Johnson and his wife, Ruth served dutifully and faithfully as pastor and first lady until May 1977. Rev Sellers returned to Central Avenue and continued the ministry until the Lord led him and the congregation to purchase the 5 acres of property at 5808 Marlboro Pike, District Heights, Maryland. The vision included building a new sanctuary, multi-purpose building, and senior citizen's center, as unto the Lord. This new move occurred in 1984. Today the body which started 31 years ago, stands as the Capitol Church of God. With new property and a new vision, change for the church would continue. In addition to the new facilities, Capitol would also worship in Francis Scott Key Middle School. another change occurred in 1987 when Rev. Sellers was appointed as the National Evangelist for the Church of God.

Rev. Jeremiah McIntyre and his wife, Nysia, were appointed as Pastor and First Lady for Capitol. The McIntyre's were charged with continuing the vision, and did so until 1991, when they were nominated to serve as Pastor of the Hartford Church of God in Connecticut.

In July 1992, Rev. Zannie L. McNeil,Jr. and his wife, Lisa were nominated to pastor Capitol. A bold, young visionary, with a zeal and ability to lead, Rev. McNeil quickly captured the vision and began to move Capitol towards that vision. Pastor McNeil's anointed and power packed ministry has been instrumental in souls being saved and added to the church. Under Rev. McNeil's leadership, many improvements and changes have transpired at Capitol. A few notable changes include remodeling the chapel, and adding bathroom and office facilities. We rejoice to know that God has designated Pastor McNeil and First Lady Sister McNeil to lead us at such a time as this.